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Today I’m live blogging from the Global Leadership Summit, Gold Coast, Australia. GLS engages more than 300,000 leaders across 675+ sites in 125 countries and 59 languages. All with the intent to help people lead better.

To understand more please go here. Now I’d like to welcome Jossy Chacko, Founder and President of Empart, Inc.

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Why has God given me the things I have?

Met a boy on their honeymoon and were drawn into his world, one of poverty, abuse and horrific situations. As a result his whole world was turned upside down.

Reflecting on the Parable of the Talents: We have all been trusted with something. How are we proving ourselves to be trusted with more?

What have you done with the talents given to you?

Faithfulness is multiplying what you have been given.

God wants us to enlarge what we have been gifted with. As followers of Jesus, anything less is not acceptable.

We are created for and commanded to multiply.

What we do with what we have will determine what we end up with.


3 Ways to expand your leadership reach.

1. Enlarge Your Vision

Master is only pleased with a vision that risks multiplication. We need to activate the gifts and abilities entrusted to us.

It is what God has put inside of you that determines the size of you as a leader. When people hear your vision they should be inspired by the size of your God.

Vision Poppers will seek to pop your vision! But it is God’s vision, trust what God has put into you, so run after it with all of your heart.

Don’t let popularity or cultural pressure determines what your vision is, let your vision be determined by what God has put inside of you.

Only a vision to grow and multiply will become what God sees it can become. Don’t hold onto it. You need to be willing to let go of it, so others can be part of it.

A passionary: a visionary with a passion.

2. Empowering Your People

The master in the parable, gives them the money and then just leaves.

People leave us, we get hurt, so we then lead with hurt and stop empowering people. Jesus still gave his disciples a chance, even though he knew what would happen.

Overcome your past hurts to empower your people. Don’t be fooled by the packages they come in.

A good test to know if you are empowering your people is to take a long vacation and see what happens.

We lay the foundations and then take our hands off. Start something extraordinary, but don’t get stuck in it!

When we empower:

  1. Focus on the character before empowering them.

(People fail because of a lack of character, not a lack of information.)

  1. It has to be through relationship.

(Without relationship we cannot know their character, and therefore empower them. Empowering leadership is about leading alongside people.)

  1. Have the agreed right out comes and build the right systems and processes to measure them

3. Embrace Risk

Take steps of faith. Without faith it is impossible to please God.

3 Paradigms need to changed to embrace risk:

  1. Risk is your friend to love, not your enemy to be feared.

Don’t let the fear of loosing what you have, stop you from gaining what God has for you.

Your vision has to be hung on the hinge of risk.

Not taking risks means your lazy and unfaithful (according to parable)

  1. You must see comfort and safety as your enemies.

Comfort and safety cannot co-exist with risk.

When we start to risk, we start to see miracles take place.

Who misses out when you choose not risk? Those God wants to meet and bless.

Comfort and safety are not good in leadership.

Make decisions based on heavenly opportunities.

  1. Begin to increase your pain threshold.

You can’t take risks without pain.

Your leadership capacity is in direct response to your pain threshold.

Don’t take your vision to heaven, this world needs it. The God who put the dream inside of you is waiting for you to invest into it now.

Three things you must do now:

  • Make a list of all the ideas, dreams and visions that you have buried.
  • Put a time frame next to each.
  • Assign a person who is going to hold you accountable.

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