6 Tools To Help You Get Motivated

When I speak to young leaders I notice their greatest challenge is getting motivated to do something. Sometimes it’s study, or an initiative they have before them, or a call God has placed on their life, or something as simple as making a phone call, following someone up, or getting on top of administration.

Waiting to be externally motivated is not a good strategy as it is completely outside of your control.

So how do you trigger your internal motivation?

Always know your why. If something is worth doing it has a powerful why behind it.

Connect everything to a greater reason. The task before you helps build toward what your heart is set on. This might be a university degree, an excellent work place, a vibrant relationship or something else entirely.

Give yourself a deadline. Deadlines create pressure and pressure enables us to exel.

Invite others to hold you to account. Get people on your team and invite them to ask you how you’re going.

Submit to their accountability. If you just ask them to hold you account and ignore them doing so, it’s a waste of everyone’s time.

Develop a system and use it. I live my professional life by a variety of systems, which I have created to help me do well all I committed to God and others to do. People aren’t the result of or built into systems: but my To-Do list is; the way I use my email is; my calendar is. One of the best books I’ve read on this is David Allen’s, Getting Things Done. If you need to develop a system start with this book!

A lack of motivation can affect your employability or longevity in a job, but the real cost is far greater than this. How you use the minutes allotted to you in this life can make a huge difference to those within the sphere of your influence.

Motivated people are happier than unmotivated people, so identify what’s holding you back and tap into which ever of the above keys you need to unlock your motivation.

I’m sure you’ve had a lot of success at getting motivated. What tools would you add to this list to help others?

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