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Today I’m live blogging from the Global Leadership Summit, Gold Coast, Australia. GLS engages more than 300,000 leaders across 675+ sites in 125 countries and 59 languages. All with the intent to help people lead better.

To understand more please go here. Now I’d like to introduce to you Bishop T.D. Jakes, Founder and Senior Pastor of The Potter’s House.

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Conventional leadership wisdom says find one thing and focus on that, but we get trapped by titles, and buy into what people put on us. Which stops us searching.

It is my life’s pursuit to see what God has put in me.

Find the common thing in what you do, which allows you to do an enormous amount of things. For example to communicate. Then you lead from the common denominator.

What we think is burnout is the absence of challenge that pushes you into faith and growth.

We need to be challenged everyday.

You can’t go through the door of destiny, without the hallway of haters.

What you learn along the way is what helps you move toward the destiny.

The haters are an instrument which helps you meet your destiny.

Success is not trying to change the haters mind. You don’t need to convince them to endorse your life. Grow from them but don’t enter into their criticism.

If we’re going to win the world to Christ, we’ll do it through stories they can relate to.

If you’re going to affect the culture, you need to move beyond the walls of the sanctuary.

I don’t need to be everywhere in my organisation, I just need to gather great people around me so I can fulfil my dreams.

Your dream needs to be bigger than you. A dream is designed to be beyond you, so that others are drawn into your dream.

We have limited our people to a tribal perspective when in contrast we have a global God. Our worlds are too small.

I will never get finished everything I need to get done today. I will always miss something everyday. Never let it be the same thing twice. Touch everything but hold nothing to long. If you have to hold it to have it, you’re not hiring the right people.

When you take on new things it takes a while to work out how to manage it. It’s easy to underestimate how much energy it’s going to cost you.

Whenever something is overwhelming my structure is deficient for the weight load I am carrying.

It is not where we want to go that is the biggest problem, the biggest problem is what are you willing to leave behind in order to get there.

What do you need to let go?

In the wilderness Moses was told not to save bread. What bread are you trying to save? If yesterday’s bread goes bad, that doesn’t mean you’re a bad leader. Sometimes the worms are our friends.

Racial reconciliation:

The reason we physically get sick is when our body tells us something is wrong. Pain draws our attention to something that needs it. The racial diversity is drawing our attention to that which we need to move toward , rather than ignore.

Racism hurts us, in order that eventually it will help us.

There are pockets of infection that people are stuck in and can’t get out.

The racial problem is about whether you have included people into the strategy of success.

The problem isn’t fixable without faith, but the church is doing the worst job at fixing it. We need a strategy about love, we need to be intentional about love.

We were created by a creator to be creative. We are called to being fruitful.

It’s more helpful to give people a strategy than a cheque. A strategy will help people change their lives, a cheque is needed again in a couple of weeks.

There is not one living thing that God created that God did not put a seed in it, that it has a potential. You have potential and are gifted to use what God has given you to multiply and increase it to make this world better.

God has given you more than your life shows and your occupation has allowed for. Reimagine yourself, in the image God has made you in, and embrace it.

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