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TITLE: The Anonymous Leader
SUB TITLE: An Unambitious Pursuit of Influence
AUTHOR: Ralph Mayhew
DATE OF LAUNCH: January 25, 2016
ISBN: 978-0-994-40559-3
PAGES: 264


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Media Release

10 July, 2016 | Gold Coast

First Time Self Published Christian Author Shortlisted for National Award

Against all odds Ralph Mayhew’s first book, The Anonymous Leader, has just been shortlisted for the Australian Christian book of the Year Award in the most fiercely contested field to date.

A self-published and self-funded project, written over the course of a year, in the late hours of the day and early hours of the morning, whilst entertaining a new born, completing his Masters Degree and pastoring a church of young adults, has caught the attention of the Award’s judges.

Mayhew wrote the book to help leaders he knew who were struggling under the weight of ridiculous leadership expectations. In so doing he broke new ground in Christian leadership thought, while helping leaders develop Godly character, sharpen their leadership skills, grow a passionate heart and embrace a Gospel approach to leadership.

When released the book shot to Best Seller ranking on both US and Australian Amazon stores, ranking number one in four of the five categories it was in and ranking number two in the fifth.

Since it’s launch in late January the book has been selling strongly and has been a hit at enabling many people to find the confidence to lead. Written to encourage emerging leaders, inspire developing leaders and challenge seasoned leaders, The Anonymous Leader has been well received across the country.

Mark Conner, Senior Minister of CityLife Church in Melbourne one of the largest churches in the country, said: “Ralph Mayhew’s new book The Anonymous Leader is packed full of wisdom and insight for both emerging and experienced leaders. I highly recommend it!” Prolific author and church pastor Mark Sayers had this to say, about The Anonymous Leader, “In a time where it is easy to craft our own image and advance our leadership journey under our own steam, The Anonymous Leader is a timely reminder of the importance of humble, Christ-like leadership.”

Exploring how God has given leaders influential platforms from which to lead people on His behalf, Mayhew explains how every leader needs to use their influence so the desires of God become the greatest priority in those who follow. The book champions the principle that the art of Christian leadership is not about being followed, but enabling, facilitating and empowering others to follow Christ.

Mayhew feels that The Anonymous Leader offers something new and helpful to the conversation of Christian leadership in Australia. He looks forward to The Anonymous Leader being chosen as the Australian Christian Book of the Year.

Rev. Ralph Mayhew is available for interview. Contact him via email or call him on 0407 728 502.

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Journalistic Review

The Journey magazine wrote a review of the book, here is the link.


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The Anonymous Leader
An unambitious pursuit of influence 

Most leaders wish they had a more significant influence with more people, don’t you? However so many leaders miss this simple point: when you align your influence to God’s influence, your influence grows. Leading people isn’t about only checking in with God as an afterthought. Instead, The Anonymous Leader walks you through how you can increase your influence by continually aligning it to God’s, and enjoy the journey with God along the way.

In a fresh and inspired take on servant leadership Ralph Mayhew explores how a new perspective on what leadership is and how leadership works can completely revolutionise the way you influence people. Speaking to everyone from emerging Christian leaders to mature seasoned leaders in the church and the marketplace, this book answers the question ‘How do I increase my influence whilst preferring and building the cause I’ve committed to?’

The Anonymous Leader is a self-leadership book for every emerging leader.


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The Anonymous Leader, by Ralph Mayhew, short listed for the Australian Christian Book of the Year Awards, is a refreshingly different angle on Christian Leadership, which calls you back to the core of what leadership is meant to be about.



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