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Today I’m live blogging from the Global Leadership Summit, Gold Coast, Australia. GLS engages more than 300,000 leaders across 675+ sites in 125 countries and 59 languages. All with the intent to help people lead better.

To understand more please go here. Now I’d like to introduce you to Danielle Strickland, Officer in the Salvation Army, Advocate and Author.

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There is a difference between spiritual leadership and leadership.

Gideon builds and alter and calls it The Lord is Peace (Shalom). He then declares a war.

True peace is not the absence of conflict, it’s the presence of justice. – Martin Luther King

Shalom = everything wrong being made right. Gideon enters into the shalom of God.

God wants every leader to enter into Shalom. The world is crying out for rightness, truth and justice.

For Gideon to bring peace, Gideon makes some shifts to align himself with God.

True humility: agreeing with God about who you are. This sits half way between Insecurity and Arrogance. We move from one end to the other and back based on our circumstance, but need to settle in true humility.

Gideon is so insecure he’s convinced God has the wrong person.

God calls him out for who God sees him to be, “Mighty Warrior”.

“Go in the strength you have.” It’s already in him and God is calling it out. God made him good.

Gideon plays the tape – I am the smallest, weakest, insignificant in the whole of Israelites.

There are so many of you who play the tape. The tape tells us we are not able to do what God leads us to do.

We need to stop that tape and play God’s tape and come into agreement with who God already made us to be. We have to get peace on the inside as well as wearing it on the outside.

God wants you for who you are and come into the Shalom of God.

True dependency (verticle line): agreeing with God about who God is. This sits half way between Self sufficiency and co-dependency. Our struggle is we lead and live in such a sway that we don’t need God (self sufficiency). Co-dependency is about someone coming and helping us change the world, because they will somehow validate and help us.

You have to create space in your life where God can meet you and help you.

Step into true dependency and humility, take what God has given you and take it into the world.

Danielle’s book A Beautiful Mess is available now.

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