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Today I’m live blogging from the Global Leadership Summit, Gold Coast, Australia. GLS engages more than 300,000 leaders across 675+ sites in 125 countries and 59 languages. All with the intent to help people lead better.

To understand more please go here. Now I’d like to introduce to you a GLS favourite, Patrick Lencioni, Bestselling author and Founder of The Table Group.

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There are three virtues universally applicable to every organisation.

These three virtues should then manifest in the ideal team player.


To be a great team player you need to be humble!

Humility is not downplaying yourself.

It’s not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.


Hungry for advancement and achievement.

People Smarts:

Practicing the four elements of emotionally intelligent people.

Common sense around people.

Hiring people just for their intelligence is not a great idea.


How do you identify people with these three virtues?

JUST HUMBLE: The Pawn – not effective in the workplace, they are just nice.

JUST HUNGRY: The Bulldozer – lots of drive and ambition who runs over people.

JUST PEOPLE SMARTS: The Charmer – everyone likes them but they are lazy and don’t get stuff done, or want success for others.

Some just have two of the three, this is not enough!

HUMBLE + HUNGRY: Accidental Mess Maker – they damage and upset people, because they are too relationally rough.

HUMBLE + PEOPLE SMARTS: The Loveable Slacker – they only just get stuff done, with no above and beyond.

HUNGRY + PEOPLE SMART: the Skilful Politician – They are hard to spot. They know how to make themselves they look humble. They don’t care about anyone except themselves.

Use this to develop your people. Let’s figure out which ones we might be lacking in. Be vulnerable enough to find out what others are weaker in.

Rate yourself from 1 – 3 on each of the three virtues.

Through a culture of accountability, hold people to account over and over again. It will help them change or leave.


How to Hire People:

It’s easy to overestimate the technical skills required.

We need to push more into team playing qualities.

Behaviour always rises to the top.

Ask questions more than once: What would your wife say about you ….?

Keep digging.

Don’t silo interview, with one person interviewing at a time.

Scare people with sincerity:

“We really value (insert values) and you seem to be someone who values those things and you’ll love it here. If these things aren’t your values you’ll hate us and working here, we won’t enjoy having you around. Do you really want to work here?”

Patirck Lencioni’s book, The Ideal Team Player is available now.

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