Guest Blogging


This blog is a resource for leaders to help them lead more effectively. If you can help me achieve this I’d love to partner with you.

At the moment I post to this blog on Monday’s and Thursdays. For the most part I reserve Saturdays for guest posts.

As you’d imagine there are some guidelines, and they are as follows:



My blog is about leadership and the world of leader thought. So the starting place has to be this. Areas that this might cover are:

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Personal Development and Growth
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Creative Innovation

You get the gist I’m sure. If you’ve a really cool idea and you’re not sure it fits with these, then pitch it to me anyway. I am keen to see your platform grow, and if I can use my influence to extend yours I’d be delighted to see if I can help.

Having said that guest posts cannot be advertisements or a sponsored post. If you’re interested in advertising or hosting a sponsored post, please contact me via my Contact Page.



  • Your guest post must be original and not previously published.
  • You agree not to publish the post anywhere else on the web or in print once it’s been published on You can, however, publish a snippet on your blog to let your readers know you’re guest posting at my site.
  • You accept the responsibility to help promote the post through social media and your blog.
  • Please provide a brief bio to be included with the guest post. Your bio can be 3-4 lines and include up to three links to where readers may find you. These include links to Twitter, your blog, Facebook, etc.
  • Posts should be over 300 words, but under 700 words in length.
  • You agree to interact with my readers once your blog post has been published. This includes responding to comments.
  • If your post is unsuccessful in the application process, you are free to do with it as you please.



  • There may be slight editing of your guest post to correct grammar, spelling, and other corrections. If I have to make substantial changes, I will contact you to get your approval before publishing.
  • I reserve the right to add my own comments to the blog post. It may be for clarification purposes or to call some important piece of information out. If this happens, I will be sure readers know it is from me and not you.



I know it takes a lot of work to write a quality blog post. However, you’re application may not be successful for any reason. While I may provide a reason, I am under no obligation to do so.


Submit Your Post

If you’d like to submit a guest post:

  • Send an email to me at You will get a response within 2 weeks of making the submission.
  • Include a short bio that includes who you are, what you do, and links to where readers and I can find you.
  • Submit your post in the body of the email. No HTML formatting is needed. If for some reason you cannot do this, please send me a message and I’ll do my best to work with you.

I hope you’ll consider stepping onto my platform and sharing you message with my audience. They’re a good crew and are looking to expand their leadership capacity.

Shout-out to Joe Lalonde at for some of the words you read above. He’s a legend and you should definitely check out his blog.