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As you know, ralphmayhew.com resources leaders of all faith backgrounds, from a Christian faith perspective. I have always tried to ensure the content is accessible to those who don’t profess any faith. This is a wonderful opportunity which I love, hopefully helping people become the leader they want to be.

The limitation to this approach means I can’t write as much as I’d like, from a Christian, church or ministry perspective. I don’t feel this limits ralphmayhew.com, but I know I have much more to say that doesn’t fit with the culture of this platform.

To resolve this tension I underwent a process, which resulted in my acceptance to write for Biblical Leadership. www.BiblicalLeadership.com is a blog for church leaders, pastors, ministers and those in management positions in the church.

Their requirement is to submit two articles a month. In fulfilling this commitment I very much intend to continue writing on www.ralphmayhew.com, even more so than I have in the past 12 months.

It feels surreal and is an honour to write alongside the likes of Wayne Cordeiro, Richard Blackaby, Thom Rainer, Charles Stone and Ed Stetzer. These people and many more have been significant mentors and guides for me in my leadership journey.

As I ponder the path God has led me down, I am humbled by what God has entrusted to me. Thank you, also, for your support and encouragement along the way. It has always encouraged me that you read this blog and sometimes even dare to share your thoughts.

So please join me, as well as many great writers and practitioners in exploring how ancient wisdom empowers modern leaders.

My first offering is entitled 15 Questions To Evaluate Your Biblical Leadership and can be found at https://www.biblicalleadership.com/blogs/evaluate-your-biblical-leadership-health/. I’d love to know what you think. Feel free to Comment below.

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    1. Thanks Caryn, It makes me chuckle a little at how God uses us… never would have expected this when I first began.

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