5 Mobile Apps That Leaders Can Use to Reach Goals Faster – guest post by Sarah Jacobs

We are all lucky enough to live in the digital age wherein any tool is within reach to help us out in day to day living. This includes booking a ride, ordering food, shopping for books, clothes, and just any other product at the comfort of our own homes.

At this pace of development and innovation, it is not surprising that some apps help people in a different light – some organize tasks for you to improve productivity, some act as a note taker, and some keep you motivated to help you reach goals fast.

If you’re looking for an app that helps you reach goals fast, there are a handful of choices that are available in the app store today. Below are just five of the most recommended ones:

1. GoalsOnTrack

GoalsOnTrack is a comprehensive goal-setting program that is also capable of syncing both Google and Outlook Calendars – so your due dates and reminders are all in one place! This is also perfect for people who love to organize their goals in a hierarchical manner, and not just through label and tagging. Aside from mobile, GoalsOnTrack is also compatible for tablets and PC. Users can then simply access their account from any device.

2. Strides

Strides may not be as comprehensive as GoalsOnTrack, since it is more of a tracker rather than a goal-setting program. However, the good thing about this app is, they offer three types of trackers namely, Target, Habit and Average Tracker. This is still useful for day to day activities though, and can help you achieve changes (especially in habit) step by step.

3. Gluru

Want to try how artificial intelligence can help you set up tasks and goals? You can get Gluru for free (only exclusive for Android users though). Gluru basically sifts through your apps, emails and other productivity managers to try and predict what you want to do next. Use at your own risk, but the results can be very effective.

4. LifeTick

LifeTick is similar to GoalsOnTrack in a way that you can organize and plan your goals throughout every step of the way. The difference however is LifeTick has a more social aspect. You can share your progress to other users and they can also cheer and motivate you toward your accomplishments.

5. Coach.Me

Like LifeTick, Coach.Me is also an organizing and social app all at the same time. Aside from being a habit tracker and organizer, users can share and crowdsource for motivation within the Coach.Me community. Aside from that, others can join in on your plans, and you can also do the same to others. Unlike the other apps in this list however, Coach.Me offers a personal coaching feature for an added monthly fee – which makes it perfect for people who are aiming to maximize their chances of reaching their most important goals in life.

These apps however are just aimed to assist you. Ultimately, the actual progress you will make still depends on you. These tools can only help you keep track of the things you’ve accomplished, and the things that you still need to work on. They are simply there to make goal-setting organised and well-planned, but all the work still depends on you.

What apps have you found significantly help you on your leadership journey? Let us know in the comments below.

Sarah Jacobs is an experienced writer who loves creating articles that can benefit others. She has worked as a freelance writer in the past making informative articles and fascinating stories. She has extensive knowledge in a variety of fields such as technology, business, finance, marketing, personal development, and more. Find out more about her company here: http://www.lea-p.com/

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